CWT Contests

2016 Mini-CWT Contests

Note: CWT Scores Posted HERE

Week 1
6 3 2 6 4 1 6 3 7 5 2 7
Week 2
13 10 9 13 11 8 13 10 14 12 9 14
Week 3
20 17 16 20 18 15 20 17 21 19 16 21
Week 4
27 24 23 27 25 22 27 24 28 26 23 28
Week 5
    30     29   31     30  

CWops Tests are 60 minutes in duration and held on Wednesday each week. There are three events at times that favor different geographic areas on this same day. Everyone is welcome – you don't have to be a CWops member to join the fun. CWTs are a good opportunity to meet other CW fans who may be interested in CWops membership. Six bands are used – 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 and 160m. Suggested frequencies are from 28 to 38 kHz up from band edges. If activity warrants, please expand up. Please be particularly considerate of ongoing QSOs and DXpedition operations. Please slow down when called at a slower speed – we want everyone to feel welcome. Lots of Qs or just a few, please submit your results for each session at

Purpose: Meet and greet and show activity on the bands.  It’s a good public relations opportunity for CWops for those who haven't heard of us yet.  It’s also an opportunity for interested non-members to garner the required nominations for membership.

Times:  Every Wednesday at 1300 - 1400z (favoring Asia/Pacific); 1900 - 2000z (favoring Europe/Africa); and 0300 - 0400z –Thursday (Wednesday evening in US/Canada).

NOTE: The exact dates for CWT each week are posted in the above table.

ExchangeCall "CQ CWT".  Exchange:  Just send your First Name and CWops member number. Non-members will send First Name, and State, Province, or DX Country Prefix.  This will allow most operators to use a general-purpose logging program or a paper log if necessary.  A dedicated CWOPs module has been written for N1MM by Nick, NA3M.  Other logging programs are also available. See our website for more information

Scoring: The final score can be calculated by counting 1 point per QSO (work a station once per band only) and multiply total points by the number of unique calls worked.  If you had 75 QSOs with 40 different calls, your score is 75 x 40.  State which power class: QRP, LP, HP.

Reporting:  Report results by time segment: CWT-1300, CWT-1900, CWT-0300.  Scores must be submitted within 48 hours to be included in our listing.  Thanks to Bruce, WA7BNM, everyone can post results on the 3830 reflector HERE.

Although we don't have certificates or plaques, we do present very nice medals for CWT participation. If you are operating from North America or Europe, you earn one point for each CWT session in which you make ten or more contacts. For CWT sessions when you operate from any other continent, you only need to make five contacts to earn a point for participating. You don't have to be a CWops member to earn points, but you must be a member at the end of the year when the medals are presented. Members from North America need 120 points for gold, 80 points for silver and 50 points for bronze. Members from Europe need 90 points for gold, 60 points for silver and 36 points for bronze. Members from other continents need 60 points for gold, 40 points for silver and 24 points for bronze.. Our objective is to encourage CWT participation -- you don't have to be competitive to earn points, just active. You can view current points at  
To earn points, report your score for each session to

"Note: If you use a call sign other than your regular home call sign, please make sure that you include your home call sign in the Operator(s) Call(s) box at, in order to ensure that your participation points will be recorded and accumulated correctly."

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